What Are The Different Types Of Parachute Cords?

What is a Paracord?

Paracord is shorthand for parachute cord. The US military introduced it during WWII to suspend parachute lines. Paracord has been used for personal and commercial purposes since then. Paracord, unlike other ropes made of polyester or polypropylene, is made from nylon. It is well-known for its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio.

The strong rope was also used by soldiers for other purposes, such as attaching equipment, tying rucksacks onto vehicle racks, securing camouflage nets on trees and vehicles, etc. NASA astronauts used parachute cords to fix insulation damage on the Hubble Space Telescope in 1997. You can easily find paracord stores online and buy 500 parachute cords.

Paracord can be used in many ways. You can buy it as a bracelet, or as a rope. There are four types, but most people refer to the type 3 paracord (also known as 550 cord).

What are the Different Types Of Paracords?

The US military has identified seven types of paracord with their characteristics: I, IA II, IIA IIA, III, and IV. Here are the four most popular types of paracords, along with their characteristics:

Type 1 paracord: This paracord has a 1-inner string and can hold up to 95 lbs.

Type 2 paracord: This paracord has 4-7 inner strands and can hold up to 425 lbs.

Type 3 Paracord: This paracord has 7 inner strands. The inner core is usually covered by a woven outer shell. It can support up to 575 lbs.. This paracord is most commonly used, especially in survival situations.

Type 4 paracord: This paracord has 11 inner strands that can support up to 775 lbs.