Vedic Astrology All The Way From India

We are all aware of the meaning of astrology and how it influences our lives. It is a significant and intricate ancient Indian Vedic Science where experts study the motion of planets and stars in particular to assess their influence and impact on our lives as well as our well-being.

Indic studies, Indian Vedic science

It comprises three major methods: 

  • Vedic
  • Western 
  • Chinese

Vedic Astrology is not tied to the inter-relationship between the Sun and the earth. The basis of Vedic astrology is the positions of constellations, stars and planets as well as their relationship with one another. It is derived from the scientifically proven idea that the earth doesn’t only revolve about its Sun but also rotates around its axis. This makes it more accurate than other methods of Astrology.

The Twelve Zodiac Signs of the Indian Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs. They are also known as”the 12 Rashis” within the Hindi language. 

Kundali as well as Vedic Astrology

The birth chart that is created according to the time, date and location of birth is referred to as”Kundali”.The Kundali will be given highest value to the Vedic system of astrology.

Dashas from the Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is built on the belief everything that occurs to us, is the consequence of our previous actions.

The difference between the Vedic astrology and western astrology is that the Vedic zodiac is Sidereal and fixed whereas the Western is tropical and movable. Chinese Astrology depends on the lunar calendar organized by the periods of the Moon where, every month starts with a New Moon and goes on for around 29 days.