Using Chocolate For Wedding Favours

Your wedding favours should be as unique as you are, and therefore you should try use chocolate for them. The joy of chocolate is the fact that you love bulk as well as universal, if you pick up white chocolate you can tint it any color you want, which means you can provide any type of service you like.

Chocolate is also a great sculpting tool. So if you want your wedding services to be very appealing, you need to make sure that you are as creative as possible with your sculpting process. You can also browse to get the best dessert boxes in Australia.

Here are some of the best wedding service ideas you can make with chocolate:

Truffle Boxes: Everyone loves these decadent little treats and they are always a hit in every way. So if you wrap it up nicely and give it to your guests, you can consider it a win for you. You can also ask someone to make a box of real chocolate truffles.

Monogram Disc: You can also give guests a CD with your initials. This is a great way for everyone to remember your special day like never before and ensure you get your wedding services. Many people like more memorable souvenirs and this is no exception.

Chocolate Bouquet: This is a new kind of service, but still just as effective. Real flowers are made of modeled chocolate and are collected in small bouquets similar to bridal bouquets. The service is so inspiring and super cool, so be sure to give it a try, guaranteed to be a hit with your guests.