Using Black Truffle Salt in Your Italian Desserts

A black truffle, also known as a sugary pomegranate, is a juicy, raisin-like treat created from the roots, skins, and inner seeds of black truffle fungi. The outer surface of the black truffle can be cracked open revealing the delicious black interior. There are approximately two thousand different species of these fungi, and they grow all over the world. Some varieties are more common than others, but all are worth trying if you can get your hands on them.

Black truffle is a delicacy that is enjoyed by many people around the world every summer. A black truffle has a unique combination of an intense flavor and a texture that are akin to chocolate. This is what leads to its popularity. A black truffle has the fruiting bodies of a ground subterranean ascomycete, mostly one of the large species of this genus. Along with Geopora and Leucatinum, other genera of fungus are also classified as black truffles including Fagrostis, Paeoniflorum, and Tuberculunimum.

The origins of black truffles are shrouded in mystery. There are many speculations, with some believing it came from Egypt and others believing it was created in the basin of a lake in France. Whatever the story may be, the truth is that this small, raisin-like dried fruits have been enjoyed around the world since the 16th century by the French. These delights were brought to English and Italian courtiers by way of the Spanish explorers who explored the Mediterranean and the African continent.

To make it easier to store, the Italian truffle salt is combined with granulated sugar. Other than being salty, these products also make for a good substitute for regular table salt. You can either use the white kind or the brown one, depending on what you prefer. The combination with sea salt is particularly well suited to preserving food, whereas using a product such as white table salt will result in a more salty taste when used in cooking.

Black truffle salt can also be added to your everyday cooking to add a wonderfully unique flavor to your favorite dishes. Since it is almost the same color as the dark chocolate it contains, the two complement each other very well. The addition of it to tomato sauces and vegetable dishes allows you to draw out the natural flavor from them, besides making them healthier.

In fact, black truffle salt can be used to season many different foods. A simple example would be your favorite potatoes. If you don't like the flavor of garlic, add some of this salty seasoning to them instead. This way, you will have a healthier version of potato chips without the harmful compounds of garlic. Salty dishes also go well with fish, as the salty flavor will render out the fishiness without giving the dish an unappealing taste. In fact, sea salt is even more appropriate for fish, as it doesn't have any after-effects like chlorine.

For dessert, one of the most popular Italian specialties would be truffle cheese. This has a very distinctive flavor that is almost buttery. It is similar to Swiss or French cream cheese. Made from milk and grass seeds, truffle salt works perfectly with this preparation. You can top with a slice of French pasty for a delicious and healthy breakfast treat, or scramble eggs for an enjoyable snack.

There are many more Italian black truffle recipes, as well as many other interesting combinations of flavors. The secret is experimenting with the various elements to find your favorite taste. Add a little of this salty taste to your favorites to enhance their flavors, and then see what kind of combinations you can come up with. By experimenting with various salts, you can create delightful new dishes for your family to enjoy.