The Right Pieces Of Girls’ Beachwear

Girls' beachwear is one of the most fun items to shop for. For long summer days at the beach, a cute little swimsuit, a cute cover-up, sandals or flip-flops, and great sunglasses are all options.

To ensure your little girl's maximum sun protection, there are some other pieces of swimwear for kids that you can add to their wardrobe.

1. Swim shorts. Swim shorts are a great alternative to or in addition to a bikini bottom. They offer more protection against heat rays. A boy short is a shorter bottom that covers the hips and doesn't go too far down on the legs. A board short is longer and covers more of the leg.

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2. Rashguard. A rashguard (swim shirt) for kids is essential. This is great for protecting your shoulders. Sometimes it seems that no matter how diligently applied sunscreen is, the shoulder region still burns. You can either wear this all day or layer it over a bikini to add more coverage after sun exposure.

3. Hat. Protect that precious little head! By shading the sun, a hat can protect the scalp and delicate skin of your daughter. A wider brim provides more protection and shade. You have many options for stylish and cute beachwear that you can coordinate with your girls.

With stylish pieces that provide UV protection, kids beachwear can be both functional and fashionable.