The Evolution Of Property Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular method of acquiring funding that incorporates the power of the internet with creativity and unbridled enthusiasm; investors like to bet on ideas instead of established companies. Purchasing a property outright is one of the most common ways to go buy a home. Property crowdfunding is a new way to purchase a home that's gaining in popularity.

Simply put, property crowdfunding is investing in a real estate project with the understanding that you may not get your full investment back. If the project succeeds, you will likely make a profit. If the project fails, you lose your investment. You can also know more about property crowdfunding via

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There are several types of property crowdfunding: small parcel funding, development funding, and REITs. Small parcel funding is used to invest in single-family homes, detached homes, or condos that are under construction. Development funding is used to invest in multifamily residential developments, commercial properties and mixed-use developments.

REITs invest in commercial real estate projects across all market sectors including office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centers, hotels, and other hospitality properties. Property crowdfunding offers many unique benefits over traditional financing options.

In addition, property crowdfunding platforms often offer lower borrowing costs than traditional lenders, making it a more affordable option for projects with high valuations. Property crowdfunding also offers a high degree of liquidity – meaning that projects can be accessed and traded quickly on secondary marketplaces. 


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