The different types of EDC knives

EDC knives are often called "everyday carry" knives because they are small and lightweight enough to carry with you every day. There are many different types of EDC knives, but all of them have one common goal: to make your life easier. 

Additionally, your EDC blades  should be one that fits your budget, has a comfortable grip, and a blade that can accomplish the things you expect to do on the regular.

Here are the different types of EDC knives and what they are best for:

1) Utility knives. Utility knives are perfect for cutting meat, vegetables, and other items that you might need to chop or slice. They also come with various built-in features, like saws and scissors, that make them versatile tools.

2) Hunting knives. Hunting knives are designed specifically for hunting and outdoor activities like camping and fishing. They're big and powerful enough to handle the larger game, but they're also lightweight and easy to transport.

3) Survival knives. Survival knives are designed to help you survive in the event of a disaster or escape from a dangerous situation. They come equipped with blades that can handle a wide variety of tasks, including cutting through ropes and branches.

4) Bowie knives. Bowie knives are named after their creator, James Bowie, who was known for using them to stab enemies in close combat.