Storage Tanks- A Brief Overview

A storage is a container for storing a large amount of water. The basic need for a storage is as old as civilization, providing storage of water for drinking water,agricultural farming, fire suppressions, irrigation agriculture, both for plants and livestock, chemical manufacturing, as well as various applications.

Water tank parameters include the designs of the tank, and choices of construction materials. Various materials are used for constructing a water tank: plastics fiberglass, concrete, various stones and steel. You can know more about irrigation water storage tanks by surfing online.

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Whenever we look towards history the wood, ceramic and stone have been used as Plastic storage.These were all naturally occurring and also manmade and some kinds of tanks are still in service. There are some examples which represent the use of wood, ceramic and stone.

The Indus Valley Civilization (3000-1500 BC) made use of water tank and granaries. Medieval castles needed water tanks for the defenders to withstand a siege and it was used by the ancient people for storing the water and later it grownup day by day the new versions of tank came into the existence. It had been built in 1884.

There are various types of tanks available in real world and each one is having their own importance first we talk about the Underground storage tank USTs, used to store petroleum, is regulated in the United States and it is used to prevent release of petroleum and contamination of groundwater. They used these underground pipelines throughout North America at automobile filling stations.