Slate Roof Repairs in Sydney

The granddaddy of all roofing materials is slate! This is believed to be a 100-year-old roof and certainly lives up to its reputation. If you professionally lay and treat slate as a roofing material, you can count on a lifespan of between 75 and 200 years.

However, this stunning roof is not completely immune to damage and decay over the years. It is important to have your roof professionally inspected once a year to see if you need a slate roof repair. You can contact us to get free quotes from various professional roof repair companies.

Use only contractors who have experience and knowledge of this type of material. If you notice a leak in your home and think you need to repair a slate roof, the first step is to look at the actual surface. Without having to climb stairs, you can check the roof surface from bumps. Lost or damaged plates must be replaced.

If leaks appear around pipes, vents, chimneys, or another penetrating element, you'll need someone to inspect the area more closely. It's best not to try this alone. Slate surfaces are inherently unstable to step on. And when the fix is due, you won't want to try it yourself.

A commercial trick to determine if you need a slate roof repair is to inspect the ceiling for dust. Yes, the ceiling is filled with all sorts of tiny particles. For this test, you need to determine if what you are seeing is slate (rock) dust. This is a sure sign of damage, such as debris on the outer surface, which may be on the floor at the edge of the house or in the gutter.


The weakest part, which will most likely be the reason for repairing the slate roof, is the surrounding elements. The flickering used around all the distracting parts, as well as in the valleys and on the edges, will likely be the first thing to fix. This component is metal and will not last as long as slate.