Reason For Heel Pain In Children

Although heel pain is common in all ages, the causes of heel pain are different between children and adults. Children’s heel pain is treated differently to adults

A foot specialist will usually be able to diagnose the cause of heel pain in children. There are many causes of heel pain. Heel pain in adults is due to strain to the tissue of the arch, called the plantar fascia. If want to diagnosed properly contact a doctor of heel pain in Baltimore at

This condition is often called plantar fasciitis and is mistakenly called a heel spur. Children are more likely to get it, especially if their feet are very flat. The most common cause of childhood plantar fasciitis is arch fatigue due to flat feet. This causes chronic arch fatigue when standing for a long time.

Children walk barefoot at home, at school, and in public. The likelihood of a child stepping on an object that could cause injury increases. The pain in the child’s heel is typically located at the back or bottom of their heel. It can be present during increased activity such as running or simply standing or walking. 


This inflammation usually resolves itself without injury. It will usually resolve itself on its own, which is accurate. Because the usual cause is different from that of adult heel pain, the right treatment program must be tailored to the child’s specific problem.