Movement Therapies And Their Types

For thousands of years, movement therapies such as qi gong and yoga have existed. Different movement therapies have been established in the West recently. These new treatments are based on the idea that bad movement patterns and postures are the roots of many chronic pain disorders, including back pain. 

Unlike Eastern movement treatments, which use exercise and stretching to increase body awareness and posture, Western therapies focus on specific movements. One can get more insights about movement therapy in Spokane via

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The following therapies are crucial to be aware of since they provide hope to people who want to break the cycle of pain. The following are two movement therapies for chronic pain management and prevention:

The technique of Alexander: Alignment

This approach is based on the idea that appropriate and efficient movement of the entire body requires proper alignment of the head, neck, and spine.

The Trager Method: Deep Relaxation

The Trager Approach focuses on the psychological origins of musculoskeletal pain. Mentastics teaches students how to perform self-induced motions that simulate the deep relaxation and effortless feel of tablework movements.

These two movement therapies help you become more aware of your body and how you can more effectively manage it. You can heal from musculoskeletal pain caused by biomechanical dysfunction by releasing tension and using your muscles more efficiently.