How to Use Kelly Wearstler Lighting Without Installing A False Ceiling

Lighting is an essential part of any room’s décor and may significantly improve the aesthetics of your house. Kelly Wearstler lighting sets the proper tone and provides the utility you need to get the job done. Even if you don’t have a false ceiling, there are still eye-catching methods to brighten and illuminate your house without one.

Create lighting layers

Never have all of your illuminations come from the same source; instead, create layers of lighting using various types of fixtures that can be turned on and off as needed. Consider lighting that casts a glow on the ceiling, highlights wall art, creates an atmosphere, or provides the necessary light for a particular activity.

Make a Statement with a Dramatic Centerpiece

A lighting centerpiece, whether it’s a crystal chandelier, a beautiful pendant, or a permanent ceiling light, may add drama and change the design of your living area. The furniture pieces may be gathered around this light, which becomes the space’s main point.

Balanced Work

Every room must have a sense of equilibrium. Ensure that no one corner is excessively dark while another receives all the light. It’s a good idea to place lights on either side of the room’s furnishings to provide symmetry and balance in the composition.

Dimmer switches should be used.

Dimmer switches are the way to go if you want to set the proper ambiance. You may create a romantic mood for an intimate meal for two by dimming the lights. For a family gathering, increasing the lighting intensity may make your area vivid and cheerful. Light regulators are available on the market that allows you to adjust the colors of the lights in your room as desired.

Add a Touch of Holiday Cheer

If you want to add a festive touch to your space, a string of lovely fairy lights is all you need. It’s the ideal method to effortlessly and affordably add glitz and glam to your area.

Make a Glow That Lasts

LED strip lights may be used to add a subtle glow to the border of a ceiling, the rim of a window, or behind cupboards. Using a linked smartphone or tablet, these strips may be set to emit gentle, diffused light in various colors.

Steps should be illuminated.

Have problems navigated in the dark? Make sure no one falls behind. These small LED lights are installed at the bottom of each tread and provide a pleasant illumination that is useful and decorative.

Set up Lighting Fixtures

In the absence of a false ceiling, you may experiment with the following types of fixtures:

  1. Lamps for the table

Table lights provide concentrated light where it’s needed. A reading lamp on your study desk or matching table lamps on bedroom tables offer a little lighter and focus on the job at hand.

  1. Downlights on the surface

A surface ceiling light in the room’s center may be the focal point. Shows are minimized because the light is flat against the top, which is more consistent.

  1. Sconces for the walls

These lights may attract attention to a bare wall while also focusing on what’s below, making them an excellent method to spotlight artwork.

Final words

We’ve included some tried-and-true tips to help you take your Kelly Wearstler lighting to the next level. Remember that your room’s décor should be planned with illumination in mind, not the other way around.