How To Enrol On A WSET Course

If you've made the decision to improve your spirit, wine and sake skills to the next step by obtaining WSET certification The first step is working out the qualification you'd like to attain. Have a look at the guide for the top tips to getting ready for your WSET class.

1. Choosing your qualification

WSET certifications were designed so that they can be taught in a progressive manner and each level will provide an ideal preparation for the next level. How much you move to the next level is up to you and will be based on your individual goals. You can enroll yourself in wset diploma to grow in your profession.

wset certification

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For those who are brand unfamiliar with the subject, recommend beginning your studies starting at Level 1.

2. Learning to earn an WSET qualification

To earn the WSET certification (sometimes called a certificate) you first have to sign up for an online course. The course could be conducted in an class and online and it's only upon completion of the program and the relevant time spent learning that you will be prepared and able to take your exam. You cannot do self-study to pass a WSET test.

3. It is important to select a provider for your course.

WSET courses are provided through a global network of third-party suppliers referred to as "Approved Program Providers" or "APPs" in short.