How to be Safe Against Forest Fires?

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Forest fires are extremely common in Australia. Every year, thousands of acres of land catch fire and burn for days, even weeks. If you stay near your private native forest, you must know how to keep yourself safe during such times, because forest fires are inevitable.  Here’s what you need to do:

Make a Plan – You need to have a contingency plan in case you find your home and private forest land facing a fire. Make a plan for every scenario and go through the plan with your family. Wildfires happen during certain seasons so you have time to prepare in advance. 

Mark Safe Places – Just like people have storm shelters to protect against storm, you can mark out safe places in your neighbourhood where you can take shelter in case of a fire. Make sure this place is also easily accessible by rescuers. 

Maintain Your Private Forest – Maintaining your nearby surroundings is half the battle won. If you keep your forest clean, watered and well-maintained, you might save yourself from wildfires. 

Water Supply – Have access to lots of water. In case there is a fire, the water supply can be a lifesaver. Firefighters can also make use of this water when there is an actual emergency. 

Leave immediately – Don’t try to play hero. The moment there is a wildfire near your forest land and home, you should call emergency services, and take your family and pets and leave the area to the safety of urban areas.  

Another important protection against forest fires is buying private native forest plans. Get one at the earliest!