How Can An NZ Financial Advisor Help You?

A financial advisor in NZ can help you in many ways, but most importantly they can help you save for your future and make sound investment decisions. They will get to know you and your financial goals, and then tailor a plan to help you reach those goals. A financial advisor can also help you navigate life transitions, such as starting a family or buying a home. 

Financial advisor compensation structures vary widely, with some being paid a flat fee based on the amount of money in a managed account and others receiving commissions for selling insurance or mutual funds. The best combination is to have both an investor’s eyes and a salesperson's touch to help clients achieve their investment goals. You can see this page if you’re looking to hire a financial advisor.

financial advisor in NZ

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The Association of Personal Financial Planners (APFP) offers membership only to financial planners who are held accountable through an objective evaluation used by consumers in selecting financial planners. APFP members agree to abide by a fiduciary standard, which requires them to recommend investments that are suitable for their clients based on what the client wants from his or her advisor rather than what generates the highest profits for the advisor.

There are many places to find a financial advisor. Some people find their financial advisor through recommendations from friends or family. Others may search online. When searching for a financial advisor, it is important to research the individual or firm before making any decisions. There are many different types of financial advisors, so it is important to find one that best suits your needs.