General Motors Implicated In A Lawsuit About Ignitions

General Motors has been a long-time, dominant player in the automotive industry, but a recent lawsuit says that GM knowingly sold vehicles with defective ignition switches. 

The lawsuit alleges that this negligence on behalf of GM led to thousands of deaths and injuries. Find out about the General Motors recall lawsuit and how it is impacting General Motors' reputation in this blog article.

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When Did the Lawsuit Start?

The lawsuit against General Motors began in 2014. The plaintiffs allege that GM's ignition switches caused them to lose their lives.

What is the Plaintiffs' Claim?

The plaintiffs allege that the switches caused the cars to run without ignition keys, which in turn led to crashes and deaths. The plaintiffs are seeking damages from GM.

What are the Defendants' Arguments?

GM has argued that there is no evidence linking the switches to accidents and deaths. They also allege that if there were any issues with the switches, they would have been discovered before they were sold to consumers.

What is the Status of the Lawsuit?

The lawsuit is ongoing.

The Claims in the Lawsuit

General Motors is now being implicated in a lawsuit about ignition switches. The suit alleges that the company knew about the defects for a long time and did not take action to correct them. GM has already paid out billions of dollars in settlements related to this issue, and it is possible that more lawsuits will follow.

If you are a General Motors car owner, it is important to be aware of this lawsuit. If you have recently had your car repaired or replaced due to an ignition switch issue, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an attorney if you have any questions about your rights in this matter.